by Wonder Workshop

Wonder Connectors.JPG

This is one of the first products I designed during my time at Wonder Workshop. My main goal was to create a product that could expand the play for their robots: Dash, Dot, and Cue. My process was to identify the scope of the needs, then work my way towards a solution that was on-brand, fun, and manufacturable.

Find them in the new Blaster Power for Cue!



From sketches, to 3D models, and working prototypes. It was important to maintain the wonder and play alive, so we experimented with different ways to connect.



A big element in the process was to think of ways in which the connectors could be used. With an empathetic approach, we worked on creating content that would inspire and become a basis to a world full of creativity.



It was interesting to see what children (and adults!) built with the Connectors. There were many rounds of testing, which allowed us to create a product that is intuitive and has unlimited possibilities.



The real challenge for this product was to find a cost-effective way to manufacture the part, while keeping the integrity of the design. I was involved in extensive tests to make sure the quality and usability was up to our standards.



Throughout the design process, I was amazed to see all the inventive ways the Connectors were used. The initial idea was to have a tool to build a world for Dash, Dot, and Cue to interact with, but it became so much more!

We even started using them to build our convention booth activities.

(as seen below)