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by Wonder Workshop


During my time at Wonder Workshop, I had the pleasure of launching the Gripper Building Kit. From concept to market, I was involved in all aspects of this project, I even learned how to do voice acting!

Fun Fact: I am the one narrating the video shown above.



One of my primary roles in this project was to define the product, what it would look like, and what the user experience would be. 

I had to work closely with many teams to achieve this. The Content Creation and Education Teams to come up with engaging activities; the Marketing and Creative Services Teams to achieve a look and feel that was on-brand; the Manufacturing and Engineering Team to make sure the materials were available and cost effective.


One of my favorite parts of the project was the user testing. I takes skill and experience to obtain information about the user experience from children. I had to learn how to project a neutral, but encouraging energy and ask the right questions.


Due to the size of the company, we all got the chance to wear many hats. For this project, I got to stretch my graphic design muscles and, with the guidance of the Creative Services Team, create the logo and artwork for the packaging, instruction manual and starter guide.


Another one of the many hats I wore was project manager. I was tasked with creating time frames, collaborating with different teams to make sure we were meeting goals, communicating with the manufacturing team in Hong Kong, cost analysis, updating the San Mateo office, and post-production management.


Lastly, as a part of the post-production process, I led the quality assurance tests to make sure the product we were shipping was in top condition. I assembled and disassembled the Gripper so many times, I could probably do it with my eyes closed! 

I would take my findings and make visual presentations that would facilitate the communication of the problem and the possible solutions. Thanks to these tests, we were able to avoid any major faults with the experience and quality of the product.



For the launch of Gripper Building Kit, I was tasked with designing and creating a couple of games so people could understand how it works. The premise was that it couldn't take up much space, had to be a quick set-up, relatively easy to code, and exciting. I am very proud of the outcome! The games were fun and engaging, and the feel of it appealed to teachers; mainly because it looked like something they could do themselves or as a class project.

I had the pleasure of joining the Marketing Team for two expos: TECA in Orlando, Florida and FETC in San Antonio, Texas. Seeing people's reaction to our products, specifically the Gripper, was truly rewarding. It solidified my passion for the creation of products that enrich people's lives.