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That Time I Co-Hosted a Webinar!

During my time at Wonder Workshop, I had the pleasure of working with the mega-talented Darri Stephens in various projects. One of the most unique, however, was a Webinar about the Maker Mindset with DIY Materials. Darri sought out my help in this particular subject because she knew how passionate I am about the Maker Movement. With recent news of the Maker Faire possibly ending, I felt like sharing this video and a few thoughts on the importance of the Maker Mentality at a young age.

I was first introduced to the Maker Faire in 2010 by my Product Design instructor, Chris Meyers, and it was like discovering my own version of Disneyland!

I loved the creativity, innovation and inventive-ness of the community, but most of all: I loved seeing children in awe of all the possibilities of creation. I think the Maker Mindset, when introduced at a young age, allows children to expand on application of knowledge and problem solving, which solidifies the learning process. I believe it's key in setting them up for success in higher studies, and it's fun! And, if I had to take away anything from a Montessori education, it's that you learn more when you're having fun.

Although I am sad to hear about the possible end to the Maker Faire, I am hopeful that its impact in the community for the last decade (or so) reopens a conversation on the importance of hands-on education in our school system.

Below is a link to the Webinar. You might have to sign in/create a free account to watch it.

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